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Updated: Jan 14

SPECIAL NOTE/Disclaimer: Due To The Ongoing Censorship of Information Surrounding The TRUTH, Live Links That Are Published In "Galactic Earthly News Intel" Web Site Publication Might No Longer Exist. Meaning The Links To The Articles or Videos Could Have Expired or Been Removed, Blocked, Deleted or Sabotaged By Those Who Are Currently Being Removed From Power....

ALL Information Contained In This Newsletter Should Be Used as a Guide That Will Encourage YOU To Conduct Your Own Research, Use Your Own Critical Thinking Skills and Help You Draw Your Own Conclusions Based On Information That YOU Have Researched.

As We Continue Moving Forward In The Age of Disclosure, YOU and ONLY YOU Are Responsible For Keeping Yourself Informed By Re Educating YOUR Mind and The Minds of YOUR Children.

A Peaceful Transition is Coming. Trump Will NOT Be Sworn In As The 45th President of The United States On January 20, 2021. Trump WILL Be Sworn In As The 19th President of The United States On March 4, 2021.

Allow Me To Explain.

You Believe You Live in a Nation Called The United States of America. That Nation Has Not Existed Since 1871 When This Country Ceased To Be A Nation and Became A Corporation Owned Under The City of London. (Every Time You See An American Flag With Gold Fringe and Gold Tassels Attached To It, It Represents The Corporation, NOT The Country).

This is The Reason You Can Never Seem To Get Ahead Financially. This is Why The Law Always Seems To Be Stacked Against The Average Citizen While The Wealthy Elite Literally Get Away With Murder (And Worse).

If Biden, Harris, Pence, Pelosi etc. Are Arrested for Their Crimes Before The 20th of January 2021, There Will Be Nobody To Assume The Presidency.

Since Trump Was Not Certified as The Presidential Winner By Congress, He Can Not Remain President. If, On The 20th of January 2021 There is No PRESIDENT, The Corporation Known as The United States of America Will Be Dissolved.

The Military Will Be The Guardians of The Nation During Transition. People Will Then Be Shown Irrefutable Proof That The Election Was Stolen By Foreign Entities and That Trump Was Chosen By A Landslide.

Trump Then Assumes The Presidency As The 19th President of The United States (The Last President Elected Before America Became a Corporation Was Ulysses S. Grant).

Now, I Really Don't Know All The Particulars Involved With This. I Just Know That The End Goal Has Always Been The Destruction of That 1871 Corporation and The Return of America To The People a The Democratic Republic it Was Always Intended To Be.

The Next Month and a Half Will B e Chaotic. Be Sure To Have Plenty of Food, Water, Essential Supplies etc. Stored In Your Home. You Might Be Shut I For A Time.

Comply With The National Guard, and The United States Marine Corp. They Have Sworn an Oath To The Nation, Not To The Corporation By The Act of 1871. Be Vigilant, Pray Your Nation is Returned To You.

Author: Cleric John Preston.

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